About Us

Join us for our Sunday Service at 10:00 am
and stay for fellowship and refreshments following the service!

Church Life
Our church welcomes everyone who seeks to explore and deepen their faith. We believe the spiritual life is a journey that never ends. There are questions to explore, discoveries to make, relationships that support, and people who care. God is still speaking and has more to say in ways that touch our lives and our world.
We are a congregation of the United Church of Christ, committed to a spirit of openness and understanding in a diverse world. Our membership includes people of diverse religious backgrounds—Congregational, Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, and many with no previous church affiliation.
There are many ways in which you can become involved in our church life. Come join us on Sunday mornings for our 10:00 worship service. You’ll find a peaceful spirit in prayers and readings, our hymns and music, and a warm welcome from your friends and neighbors at our coffee hour after the service.
You might also enjoy singing in our choir, lending a hand in our outreach programs, or helping with our Concert Series, fundraisers, and our many fun events.
We have boards and committees that see to various sides of church life and who appreciate input and help from the congregation.
If you’re looking for peaceful respite on a Sunday morning after a jam-packed week or a church home to join, our doors are always open to you!
Have your kids started hitting you with any of the "big questions" yet? Who’s God? Where do we go when we die?
Kids have a real knack for bowling us over when we least expect it! What parent hasn't been caught off-guard and stumbled through the answers?
That's where Sunday School can help. We don't propose to have all the answers, but we can guide kids through their exploration and enjoyment of their innate sense of wonder.
There's something about Sunday School that kids love. Maybe it's that it's fun and not at all like what they're used to when they think of school. There's no homework, they get to talk about things they think and feel and ask questions about the "big stuff" that puzzles them.
They meet new friends and are part of a group of kids where the brand of sneakers or jeans they're wearing just doesn't matter. They learn lessons in kindness and fairness and develop a greater understanding of people and our life on earth.
Our Sunday School offers classes for children from pre-school through eighth grade. We are fortunate to have terrific teachers who truly love sharing their time with children, helping them understand how lessons from the Bible can be applied to their lives today.
Children attend the first part of the worship service and then leave with their teachers for their half-hour classes in the Parish House.
Confirmation is an important milestone in the growth and development of faith in young people. We offer an exciting Confirmation program for seventh and eighth graders. Our program gives our young people a chance to learn about faith and their own spiritual journeys, and about life in the church and what it means to them to be a member of a church family, so that they make their own decisions about membership.
Music is a beautiful expression of our spiritual journey and a valued tradition in our worship and our life. The Adult Choir rehearses on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 and always welcomes new voices!
Worship & Sunday School at 10:00
Come join us on any Sunday morning and discover the ways in which God is still speaking in our lives and our world. We hope you’ll share in the warmth of our fellowship and our common goal of worshiping God and doing God’s work in outreach and mission, and enjoying one another in our diversity of minds and unity of spirit.
Because . . . no matter who you are
or where you are on life’s journey,
you are welcome here . . .